CPA Display Academy Review – How Joey Makes $150,000+ Per Year With CPA

Today at we have a review of CPA Display Academy…and boy is it a treat.

If you were around when Google Adwords came around you know how much money people made off it. The same thing with Facebook ads, people are making a killing with these platforms. However if you missed the surge you still have a chance to hit the online jackpot. 

Well, today, there’s a brand new chance to be an internet frontiersman and make a TON of money thanks to this brand new method. And so far it’s made them $150,000 this year. That’s more than I’ve made.

I wanted to make this CPA Display Academy Review for these reasons:

1) This is something brand new and that’s never been done before. They made $140k in 2 months and have the video proof to prove it! They even open another account, and show $450k earnings over just 6 months. THAT’S INSANE! This method is fresh and works very well.

2) This is a case study. You learn how to turn $5 into $1oo in as little as twelve hours. It’s all right there for you so you can copy exactly what they do!

3)  It’s brand new. Meaning you get clicks for almost nothing since there is no competition. THEY LEAVE NOTHING OUT!

I’ve spent a good amount of time going through this course and wanted to make this review so you know EXACTLY what you are getting. 


Watch today’s CPA Display Academy Review to see how it works:




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Here’s a quick overview of Arbitrage Sugar Daddy and the optional upgrades available to you at time of purchase, and if they are worth your time.


CPA Display Academy Live Case Studies + DFY OTO1 – USE COUPON CODE “INSTANT3” to get $3 off

I always enjoy the case studies and here’s why… you get to see step by step how EVERYTHING works. It allows you to replicate it. You allows you to make sure you don’t mess anything up. And makes it completely fool-proof

  • You get to watch two LIVE case studies so you can copy exactly what Joey does to make 150,000+ a year with CPA
  • You also get 5 DFY landing pages so you can start making money immediately!

My opinion: You guys know I almost never recommend OTOs. But if you’re considering diving into this feet first, then I definitely recommend this OTO. Because by seeing how they do it, you can replicate it and start making profits day 1.


CPA Display Academy DFY Campaigns OTO2 –  This is a HUGE TIME SAVER. You get two campaigns that you can copy and paste for your self. Just plug in everything that they give you and turn on the traffic! You will profit almost immediately. I wish they offered more than just two DFY campaigns. However these will save you guys a ton of guess work since all you have to do is copy, paste, then profit!

CPA Display Academy Elite Membership OTO3 – I haven’t been able to review this so i can’t give you an honest opinion. However, Joey used to own a CPA network. He’s made $150k a year so far using this method. And this gives you direct access to him. I’m inclined to say its worth it, but you’ll have to decide if it’s right for your business yourself.









Click Here @ 10 am EST on 8/25 to get this for a STEEP discount… and my unique bonus pack below!